Florida Homeowners Insurance Claim Lawyers

Florida Homeowners Insurance Claim Lawyers 

Water Damage | Wind Damage | Fire and Smoke Damage 

Despite paying the highest property insurance premiums in the country, Florida homeowners  and renters often face big hassles when filing claims for property damage.  

Your insurance company makes money by collecting money, not paying it out. That’s why   experts recommend hiring a homeowners insurance claim attorney. If you have property  damage from an accident or disasters like a flood, fire, or hurricane, using a property damage  claims lawyer can help you recover your losses. You don’t have to go it alone and just hope  for the best.  

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When Should I Contact an Attorney About an Insurance Claim? 

Generally, the more money that’s at stake, the harder it will be to collect. Your insurance  company probably won’t give you a hard time over a claim for a few hundred dollars. But if the damage is serious, and they are looking at paying big bucks, they’ll start foot-dragging and  pointing out the fine print. 

Experts say it’s best to talk with a claims lawyer right away. That way, the insurance company takes your claim seriously right from the start. Remember, for the homeowner filing a property damage claim is likely (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime event. But denying claims is what  insurance company adjusters do for a living – and they’re good at it. 

If you call your insurer without first talking to a property damage claims lawyer, you may say  things that aren’t helpful to your claim. But when the adjuster gets a call from your lawyer,  they know they can’t play around with your claim. 

Your claim is less likely to be denied in the first place if you have an attorney. But once a claim is denied, you have a bigger fight on your hands. So it’s better to hire an insurance claims  lawyer before the insurance company has a chance to deny your claim. 

What Kinds of Property Damage Claims can a Lawyer Handle? 




∙Smoke and Fire 


∙Broken Pipes 

∙Structural damage 


∙Personal injury liability  

Orlando Property Damage Insurance Claims Lawyers Can Help 

Getting paid for a homeowner’s property damage insurance claim in Florida should be pretty  straight forward, but it’s not. The insurance company demands to get paid on time. But when  it comes time for you to get paid the money they owe you for damage to your property, it’s a  different story.  

Deny and delay is a common practice and most homeowners aren’t experts at playing their  games. Most people file a property damage claim themselves and hope for the best. In fact,  the best chance for a fast and fair payment on your claim is to hire an experienced and  aggressive insurance claim lawyer.  

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