Possession of Synthetic Cannabinoids

In addition to the controlled substances on the Federal Drug Schedule, Orlando drug charge defense lawyers have been getting questions concerning possession of synthetic drugs; What are the charges for Molly possession in Florida? How bad is a possession of  Spice charge? Possession of these drugs and others that are chemically similar to Schedule drugs can carry stiff penalties. 

Possession of K2, Flakka, Bath Salts and other synthetic drug possession charges depend  on the amount of controlled substance involved and the defendant’s criminal record. A first  time possession charge in Florida is usually a first-degree misdemeanor, which can land  you in the county jail for up to a year. There could also be a $1,000 fine and probation.  Charges of possession of more than three grams of synthetic drugs are third-degree felony,  with a five-year stretch in state prison, plus probation and fines. 

However, with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney, there’s a chance  you can avoid jail. Depending on the circumstances and whether you’re a repeat offender, a  lawyer experienced at defending drug charges in Florida is your best chance for the best  possible outcome.  

If you are charged with possession of synthetic cannabinoids, you’ll want the best criminal defense attorney you can get. Consider the Orlando drug possession defense attorneys at the Rivas Law Firm, expert lawyers who will fight for your rights. Talk to us. Call 407-349- 4211.

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