Cocaine Possession Charges

Cocaine is a Schedule II drug. You can get into a lot of trouble for even first time possession  charges involving a small amount. From just one line’s worth up to a “Zip” (an ounce – or 28  grams), cocaine charges in Florida are a third-degree felony that can land you in state prison  for up to five years, plus fines and probation. You could also lose your driver’s license. 

However, all defendants have rights. A good drug possession defense attorney will fight the  state’s case from the very beginning. A thorough pre-file investigation may enable your  attorney to challenge everything from police procedure to evidence collection and witness  statements. 

Courts have held that governmental misconduct violates the constitutional due process rights of a defendant. That means police have to follow certain rules during an arrest. Prosecutors  must be open and honest about the evidence they have. They must be able to show that any  evidence against you was collected in a legal manner. Maybe the cops didn’t have probable  cause, or maybe it was an illegal traffic stop or illegal search and seizure.  

Perhaps the state’s crime lab didn’t follow protocols in analyzing the substance involved.  Prosecutors must prove that a substance in your possession was indeed cocaine, not  powdered aspirin or caffeine.  

If the police and prosecutors didn’t follow the law, a good criminal defense lawyer may be  able to get the charges reduced or dismissed. A good lawyer knows how to hold police  accountable for illegal searches, probable cause violations, and other violations of your  rights. 

If you’ve been charged with cocaine possession in Florida, you’ll want the best criminal  defense attorney you can get. Consider the Rivas Law Firm, where you’ll find an aggressive  advocate with a winning record to fight for your rights. Call 407-644-2466 to talk with us  about your situation.

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