Criminal Defense Attorney Jose Rodriguez

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With over 30 years of courtroom experience, Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney Jose Rodriguez has successfully defended thousands of people against criminal charges ranging from misdemeanor traffic cases to high-stakes felonies, with a focus on clients charged with Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, and Child Abuse. He has also represented clients in federal criminal cases.

Jose Rodriguez

After earning his degree at one of the top law schools in the country, Drake University Law School, Jose launched his career by fighting for the rights of indigent clients on the Gulf Coast. As a Spanish-speaking attorney, he represented low-income, Spanish-speaking/bilingual clients in civil matters, including housing, public benefits, and other governmental disputes.

He then joined the State Attorney’s Office for the 18th Judicial Circuit, which serves Brevard and Seminole Counties. He worked as a trial prosecutor before being promoted to Division Chief of the newly created Domestic Violence Unit, overseeing the prosecution of all domestic violence cases. He handled intake, interviewing more than 50 domestic violence victims every month, deciding what charges to bring, and supervising trial preparation. He advised law enforcement agencies on reporting and filing procedures and trained staff attorneys to prosecute domestic violence charges.

His experience as a prosecutor gives Jose a unique insight into the best ways to defend against Domestic Violence and related charges such as Child Abuse, Battery, Rape, and other sex crimes. Jose has also successfully defended clients in a wide range of cases, including DUI, Reckless Driving, Fraud, and Burglary In addition to being licensed to practice in the State of Florida and the federal court for the Middle District of Florida, Jose has been granted appearance on a limited basis (pro hac vice) to represent clients in federal matters in other states.