Fight Back with a Credit Card Debt Lawyer

Credit Card Debt lawyer

If you need a Credit Card Debt Lawyer contact us today. The business model for credit card companies is to keep borrowers living as close to the edge as possible, maxed out at interest rates that used to be illegal. When a customer hits a rough patch and falls behind on payments, the lenders work aggressively to recover the full amount, plus interest and other charges. Consumer complaints about debt collection tactics include harassment, lies, intimidation, and threats of legal action.

The average person in Florida carries about $6,500 in credit card debt, and with the tight economy, many people are falling behind. When the collection agencies start calling and you start getting letters from law firms threatening to sue you, the natural reaction is to feel overwhelmed and helpless. But you don’t have to face the threats and pressure of aggressive debt collection by yourself. The Credit Card Debt Lawyers at the Rivas Law Firm can help you get through a rough financial stretch so you can get on with your life. 

Don’t be intimidated by threats of default judgments, garnished wages, and seized bank accounts. There are laws to protect consumers. You do have options. Call 407-644-2466 or use our online contact form for a free consultation with the Orlando Credit Card Debt Lawyers at the Rivas Law Firm.

Credit Card Debt Lawyer Can Help

Sometimes people become immobilized by anxiety and fear when creditors threaten a lawsuit. Instead of taking action, they do nothing. The sad result is a judgment that seizes assets, garnishes wages, or puts a lien on your property. But there are usually legal options available that can prevent such terrible outcomes. The fact is that you should never ignore a lawsuit from creditors. Talk to a Credit Card Debt Lawyer as soon as you can.

A credit card lawsuit attorney will be able to explain the options available and may be able to defeat the lawsuit or settle the debt on terms you can manage. The best thing to do when overcome with financial anxiety brought on by debt is to take action. The simple act of calling the Debt Relief Attorneys at the Rivas Law Firm for a free consultation will restore your sense of empowerment and give you hope that there is a way out. The initial consultation will cost you nothing, and you’ll feel better for having discussed the situation with someone in a position to explore possible solutions. 

How You Can Fight Back

The worst thing to do is ignore the problem. If you don’t take action, things are likely to get worse. The best chance for the best possible outcome is with an experienced and aggressive credit attorney fighting for you. Your attorney will challenge every aspect of the creditor’s case against you. The creditor will have to prove that you are actually responsible for the debt. They will have to prove they have the legal right to sue you. Sometimes these debts are bought and sold so many times that it can be difficult to prove ownership. They may not have accurate records and thus may not be able to verify the real amount allegedly owed.

The point is to let them know that they have a fight on their hands, and it may be worth their while to restructure or settle the debt on terms you can live with. Working with a debt relief attorney can be a huge help to you. Know your rights, and exercise your options. It starts with a call to the Orlando Debt Relief Attorneys at the Rivas Law Firm. Call 407-644-2466 or use our online contact form for a free consultation.