Family Law

At the Rivas Law Firm, we understand that family law cases can be complex and stressful. That’s why it is so important to have an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney at your side when facing difficult life challenges like divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, domestic violence, and restraining orders. Our Orlando Family Law lawyers have a deep understanding of the complexities of these issues and are passionate about advocating on our client’s behalf to secure the best possible outcome.

Our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys have experience with all the issues that Florida’s Family Court governs, including alimony, division of property and debt, and paternity issues. We’ve helped many clients deal with emotionally-charged Parental Responsibility and Time-sharing situations such as court-ordered child support payments, child custody schedules, and modification requests.

Understanding Florida’s Family Law Court

Grappling with the legal system while trying to survive a family crisis can be a daunting and intimidating experience. An experienced family attorney will navigate the complexities of the Florida family court system so that you can make informed decisions that will lead to the best results for you. 

Our Family Law Attorneys are seasoned professionals with vast experience in mediation and trial advocacy. They are skilled litigators who know how to present your situation in the best possible light in both written briefs/motions and oral arguments. Your fate and future are often determined by how well your side of a family situation is presented – and that’s what determines custody arrangements, visitation rights, support payments, division of property and debts, alimony, and more.

Family Law judges receive and consider the evidence presented to them including testimony and exhibits. They have the discretion to issue rulings that will dictate very important areas of your life. Having an experienced family law attorney by your side can be the smartest decision you ever make. 

A Rivas Family Law attorney will give each family law matter the individualized attention and guidance it deserves. For starters, your lawyer can make sure you know your rights as well as your responsibilities so that you can make informed decisions as the case progresses. Your attorney will advocate for your best interests throughout the entire legal process both through negotiation and trial advocacy if necessary.  Don’t show up alone and have your rights trampled because of a lack of knowledge and experience. The Rivas Family lawyers are ready and waiting to help you. 

If you find yourself in need of legal help in a family crisis, call 407-644-2466 for a free consultation with the Orlando Family Law Attorneys at the Rivas Law Firm. Contact us today to discuss your case. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make the best of your situation.


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