Less Time to Serve an Injunction

serve an injunction

It now takes less time to serve an injunction in Florida because a new law requires court clerks to email protective orders to sheriff’s departments instead of sending them by mail. The measure is being hailed as good news for victims of intimate partner violence.  Anyone who has been the victim of domestic violence (including […]

Police Report Privilege

According to the law, any information you give police for a car crash report can’t be used against you, but when there is the possibility of criminal charges, you need to watch what you say.  Anyone involved in a traffic accident has a duty to give information to a police officer making a crash report. […]

Federal Search Warrants

Search Warrants

Florida Search and Seizure Laws At the center of the controversy over the FBI’s recent surprise visit to former president Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home is one of America’s bedrock principles. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution established “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable […]

Orlando CDL DUI Defense

Florida DUI Laws for Commercial Drivers A DUI in Florida can be a nightmare for anyone, especially if, like most people, you need to drive to get to your job. But the prospect of losing your license is even worse when driving is your job. When you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), you have […]

Florida Defense: Sexual Battery Charges

Sexual Battery Charges

Talk to a Lawyer as Soon as Possible The best advantage you could give your defense attorney if you’re facing sexual assault charges is to call your lawyer at the first sign of legal trouble. The sooner your lawyer gets to work on your side of the story, the better he can protect your rights.  […]

Credit Card Debt Lawyer

If you need a Credit Card Debt Lawyer contact us today. The business model for credit card companies is to keep borrowers living as close to the edge as possible, maxed out at interest rates that used to be illegal. When a customer hits a rough patch and falls behind on payments, the lenders work […]

Sending or Receiving Drugs by Mail

Since many states have decriminalized marijuana, it may not seem that risky these days to mail some weed to a friend. But under federal law, cannabis is still a controlled substance, and  there are harsh penalties for sending illicit drugs through the U.S. Postal Service. And because of the recent dramatic rise in drug overdose […]

DUI with Property Damage

The amount of trouble you can get into for being charged with a DUI in Florida depends on your level of impairment and whether there were aggravating circumstances. The Driving under the influence law makes it illegal for anyone with a minimum Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) of .08 or more to operate a motor vehicle. […]

School Shooting Threats: The Copycat Effect

Following every school shooting, a wave of copycat threats inevitably reverberates across the country like an aftershock of the tragedy. Scores of teens–sometimes children–find themselves facing serious charges after posting a menacing message on social media. For most, it’s a hoax or a prank, giving in to a reckless impulse to wreak some havoc. But […]