Civil Litigation in Florida: Understanding the Different Areas of Legal Disputes

Civil litigation attorney

Civil litigation in Florida covers a wide range of legal disputes that can arise in both personal and business contexts. Having a knowledgeable civil litigation attorney by your side is essential whether it’s a family law matter such as divorce or child custody, or a landlord-tenant dispute over property rights and lease agreements. In addition, […]

DUI Manslaughter Charges in Tragic Farmworker Crash That Left 8 Dead

DUI Manslaughter charges

First Court Appearance: No Bond for Driver The driver accused of causing a bus crash that killed eight migrant farmworkers in Central Florida has been charged with eight counts of DUI Manslaughter. During this initial hearing, the judge reviewed the defendant’s charges and the circumstances of the incident, including the arrest report and breathalyzer results, […]

Watch “Live” First Appearances in Orange and Osceola Counties

first appearance

Like many of the steps in the judicial process, your first appearance before a judge after being arrested is part of a process designed to protect the rights of the accused as enshrined in the Constitution. In theory, your initial appearance is a dignified interaction with an officer of the court who thoughtfully guarantees the […]

Facing Federal Charges? Orlando’s Top Federal Lawyers Can Help

federal charges lawyer

Facing federal charges is a daunting experience because of the complexities of federal law and the potential for severe penalties, so you’ll want the best federal lawyer you can get. The Rivas Law Firm, a top federal crimes defense law firm in Central Florida, offers unparalleled expertise in navigating the challenging terrain of federal charges, […]

Trusted Juvenile Defense Lawyer in Orlando

juvenile defense lawyer

Defending Youthful Offenders In Orlando, rising juvenile crime rates underscore the critical role of juvenile courts in navigating youthful offenders through the justice system. With Orange County witnessing a notable increase in juvenile arrests, including 2,194 kids from 2021-2022, the need for experienced juvenile defense lawyers to defend youthful offenders and guide them toward rehabilitation […]

The Pros and Cons of an Open Plea to the Court

open plea

Plea bargains—when a defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge or receives a more lenient sentence in return for pleading guilty—are quite common in Florida criminal cases. Most plea bargains involve negotiations between the prosecution and the defense, leading to an agreement. However, another type of plea that defendants may consider is called the open […]

New Law: SB 184 Harassing First Responders

harassing first responders

A new law creating a 25-foot “no-go” zone to prevent bystanders from harassing first responders is raising concern from activists and civil liberties groups, who say the measure is meant to discourage the public from documenting police misconduct. Legislators insist that the bill aims to protect first responders from interference by those seeking to monetize sensational videos […]

Getting the Best out of a Plea Bargain

plea bargain

In Florida, a plea bargain is a negotiation with the prosecutor for a deal that would let you plead guilty to a lesser charge so you get a more lenient sentence. Prosecutors like plea bargains (or plea offers) because they save them time, trouble, and expense. It’s a much easier way for them to obtain […]

Increased Penalties for Driving Without a License

driving without a license lawyer

“A person who drives without ever having been issued a valid driver license commits an offense of no valid driver license (NVDL) under s. 322.03, F.S.” Driving without a license in Florida is about to get a little more risky after the governor signed a law to increase penalties for repeat offenders. As it is, […]

Orlando Professional License Defense Lawyer: Licensure and a Criminal Record

professional license defense attorney

Everyone makes mistakes, but if you hold a professional license in Florida—or apply for one—an arrest or criminal record can threaten your livelihood. So you need to talk to an Orlando professional license defense lawyer when you receive an administrative complaint or face an investigation from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). The […]