Domestic Violence Arrest: Know Your Rights

Domestic Violence Arrest

After a domestic violence arrest in Florida, it’s natural to feel anxious and unsure about what comes next. At the Rivas Law Firm, we believe that knowledge is power. Understanding your rights after a domestic violence arrest can be the first step toward building a strong defense. If you’re facing domestic violence charges in Florida, […]

The Impact of Domestic Violence Charges on Child Custody in Florida

Domestic violence charges can have a huge impact on child custody decisions when a marriage is breaking up. There are times when a vengeful spouse will make unfounded accusations to get leverage in custody negotiations. When you’re in a child custody battle and domestic violence charges come up, it’s important to have a skilled and […]

New Immigration Law in Florida Sparks Fear

new immigration law in Florida

Life is about to change for a lot of people because of the new immigration law in Florida — and not for the better, activist groups say. “Routine daily activities for those who cannot immediately prove United States Citizenship and lawful residency at all times may result in devastating consequences,” according to Florida travel advisories […]

New Concealed Carry Law in Florida: Freedom and Responsibility

concealed carry

Constitutional carry is now legal in Florida. As of July 1st, under HB 543, Florida’s new concealed carry law, residents of Florida who legally possess firearms will not need a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Removing the permit requirement means that gun owners will be able to carry concealed weapons without completing training and […]

Juvenile Crime Statistics in Central Florida Reveal Increase in Gang Violence

Juvenile crime statistics

While juvenile crime statistics in Central Florida reflect an overall decrease in the rate of crime in recent years, the nature of juvenile crimes has turned more violent. The Orlando Sentinal reports that youth gangs are driving the trend. Orlando Police Department Chief Eric Smith said at a recent press conference that he wants to strengthen the […]

Big Drug Busts in Central Florida Smash Trafficking Rings

drug busts in Central Florida

There have been some big drug busts in Central Florida recently. Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies have been ramping up efforts to enforce drug laws in recent years resulting in a flurry of arrests and hefty jail sentences. Law enforcement officials are using a range of tactics to arrest those suspected of drug-related […]

DOJ Focus on PPP Loan Fraud Charges

PPP Loan Fraud Charges

Federal prosecutors have arrested more than a thousand people and recovered over $1 billion in cash related to PPP loan fraud charges. The typical case of PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan fraud involves a business overstating the number of employees on the payroll. Other common schemes include using PPP loan funds for personal expenses, such […]

Improved Time to Serve an Injunction

serve an injunction

It now takes less time to serve an injunction in Florida because a new law requires court clerks to email protective orders to sheriff’s departments instead of sending them by mail. The measure is being hailed as good news for victims of intimate partner violence.  Anyone who has been the victim of domestic violence (including […]