Have You Been Charged With or Accused of a Weapon Charge in the Greater Orlando Area And Are Looking For a Relentless, Experienced and Efficient Defense Attorney to Help Resolve Your Case Quickly so You Can Move Forward in Your Life as Soon as Possible?

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Firearms / Weapon Charges

Why Choose Rivas Law Firm to Resolve Your Weapon Charges:

  • Nearly 30 years of combined experience
  • We have defended countless clients against even the most serious of charges.
  • With our help, our clients have been able to avoid such penalties as jail, fines, community service, probation, and more.
  • We are highly reviewed and rated (see some of our reviews below)
  • We have a bilingual staff [Spanish-English]
  • Experienced attorneys will handle your case from beginning to end — NOT paralegals or inexperienced associates
  • All our clients receive personalized attention

Weapons and Firearms Crimes & Penalties

At Rivas Law Firm, we have more than 20 years of legal experience, and are very skilled in all matters relating to criminal defense.  We have a great deal of knowledge in this area of criminal law, and have defended clients against a wide range of weapons and firearms crimes, such as:

  • Unlawful possession of a firearm
  • Unlawful discharge of a firearm
  • Illegal sale of a firearm
  • Possession of an unlawful weapon
  • Selling firearms or weapons to minors
  • Felon in possession of a firearm or weapon
  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Battery with a weapon

Obtaining aggressive, skilled, and dedicated criminal attorney representation is extremely important, as a weapons or firearms conviction will bring about very serious penalties.  The penalties you will face will depend on the type of crime you have committed.  For example, if you had a gun or firearm in your possession during the commission of a crime, you could possibly face ten years in prison.  Firing a gun during the commission of a crime can lead to 20 years in prison.  If you actually shoot and injure or kill another person during the course of crime you will face 25 years to life in prison.   These prison sentences are in addition to fines, probation, restitution to the victim, community service, and a mark on your permanent record.  Furthermore, you can also lose your right to own, possess, or purchase a weapon in the future, and if you have a license to sell firearms, you could also lose your license.

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A Serious Charge Needs a Serious Defense

Being charged with, arrested for or accused of any crime is not only stressful but has wide reaching consequences if your case is not resolved for the best outcome possible under the circumstances and evidence.  Defense cases urgently requires an experienced attorney that you connect with personally, that understands your side and understands the law and the system to ensure your rights are fully preserved. Don’t wait or just hope for the best. Request a free consultation with your Orlando Defense Lawyers at the Rivas Law Firm in Winter Park FL now to get informed of your options and move forward in resolving this situation.