It can be quite humiliating to be arrested due to you’re a DUI, and it’s a situation no one thinks they will find themselves in. Thankfully, there’s a way to help you out of your problem. For people arrested for a DUI in Orlando, it’s recommended that they talk to an Orlando Florida DUI Attorney. The prosecution handles DUI’s very strictly and it is a very serious issue which can be handled best by an experienced criminal attorney who will help you get rid of the charges and evade conviction.

Anyone found driving with a blood alcohol level higher than .08 will be arrested for a DUI offence in Orlando Florida. Blood alcohol levels higher than this can severely damage your ability to concentrate while driving and will also reduce your motor skills as well as increase reaction time which increases the chance of you getting in an accident. DUI charges are also applied when found driving after having used drugs or even if prescription drugs are found in your system. Any drugs that reduce your capacity to focus on your driving and increase the chances of you causing can accident can get you arrested for a DUI.

While a DUI is a misdemeanor offense, you can face several issues for you including:

These fines will be higher if you are charged with felony DUI or if there is a minor with you. They will also be higher if you have a suspended or out-dated license, if you were the cause of an accident or if there are previous DUI convictions.

People arrested for DUI charges should not take the matter lightly. It is important to find a good Orlando criminal attorney and make sure you can dismiss the charges quickly. Your success will depend on having a good criminal attorney so make sure you get an experienced Orlando Florida DUI Attorney so you can avoid the penalties.

Rivas Law Firm, P.A, have in excess of two decades of legal expertise and have taken care of countless DUI cases over the years. Being very accomplished at helping people avoid DUI charges, we have helped clients avoid penalties, jail time and license suspension. We will work to our utmost to help you overcome this problem and will fight your case very aggressively from the start to the finish. Contact an Orlando DUI Attorney today at our firm and get the best lawyer for your needs.

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