Post: Disabled Teen ARRESTED At School For Not Wearing Mask, Mother Plans To Sue

The Rivas Law Firm has been retained to represent the teenage son of Mrs. Alex Rodriguez, AP, a 16 year old young man who was wrongfully arrested for not wearing a mask.

On September 17, 2020 AP was attending school at Winter Springs High School in Seminole County, Florida. AP has difficulty breathing due to anxiety and other mental health and emotional issues.

Due to AP’s conditions in the days before his arrest, his mother had been seeking a medical exemption so that her son would not have to wear a mask.

At the time of AP’s arrest, AP was having an anxiety attack and was told by his teacher that he had to wear a mask while at school. AP was confused as to why he had to wear a mask while at school because his family had told him that he would be getting an exception.

AP did not behave in a violent fashion nor did he do anything that would justify the police being called.

The arrest of a 16 year old boy is a classic example of government abuse. Children should be treated with compassion, fairness, and understanding.

We will be seeking just and fair compensation for the illegal arrest of AP and the harm that this action caused him.

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